Task #6751

Updated by Nico Schottelius about 5 years ago

Designed and discussed by Moritz and me on the sunny bench: 

 systemd in openbsd should be used to ensure that systems are reliably working. For that reason, systemd will do the following actions on random times: 

 * Randomly delete files 
 * Randomly delete directories 
 * Randomly kill processes 
 * Randomly write to (mounted) block devices 
 * Randomly reboot 
 * Randomly reorder/shuffle file content 
 * Randomly rename files (i.e. replace /etc/passwd with /lib/ 
 * Randomly move files around in the filesystem 
 * Randomly change file and directory permissions 
 * Randomly panic 
 * Randomly connect to random IPv{6,4} addresses with tcp, udp, sctp 
 * Randomly drop network packets 
 * Randomly replay network packets 
 * Randomly remove or add pf rules 
 * Randomly add, change or remove DNS servers 
 * Randomly change the time to change something random 

 Might also need to be ported to FreeBSD.