Task #7186

Updated by Nico Schottelius over 4 years ago

* Need some NAT'ing IPv4 addresses 
 ** "burned IPs" 
 * We will support NAT64 as an addition 
 ** Create specific name servers (?) 
 * Pricing model: 15 CHF/month 
 * Should be fully automated, maybe within ucloud 

 h2. How to implement 

 * Add a product in ucloud-pay (Mondi) 
 ** Add business logic in ucloud-pay to terminate VPN if not paid anymore 
 * Create a frontend for ucloud-pay (Mondi) 
 * Create landing page (might be the same as the frontend) (Mondi, Sanghee) 
 * Create / configure DNS servers (Balazs, Jin-Guk) 
 * Setup NAT44 (Balazs, Jin-Guk) 
 * Add Sanghee as a test client (Balazs) 
 * Create blog entry (Sanghee) 


 ETA end of month