Task #7247

Updated by Nico Schottelius over 4 years ago

* Coordinate with Kilian Bäbler 
 * Visit place8 once before doing the actual move 
 ** Checkout the UPS situation 
 ** Verify that both switches are connected to the UPS 
 ** Verify that the UPS can hold power for both switches 

 h2. Step 

 * First verify that the switches are both configured the same 
 * First move the unused switch / the one that does not bridge the two data centers 
 * Then move the cables to the moved switch (-> short interrupt between the data centers) 
 ** Have 1 or 2 notebooks open, testing the connection 
 ** Verify that connection is back when plugging back in 
 * Then move the second switch (which is now the backup switch 

 Should be finished by mid next week.