Task #7284

Updated by Nico Schottelius about 2 years ago

h2. Step 1: routing setup 

 * Accept all networks from upstreams and ungleich peers 
 * don't announce any network 
 * full routing table in kernel 
 * no ip hacks (dummy0, lo) 

 At this stage the router is fully able to do IPv4 and IPv6 routing 

 h2. Step 2: add some traffic 

 * add the IPv6 address of the coworking network -> go active-active 

 h2. Step 3: add nat64 w/ jool + joold 

 * setup jool+joold for "masquarding" 1:n sessions to .1 IPv4 address 

 h2. Step 4: Announce test network (IPv4, IPv6) 

 * Something non-productive 
 * ensure routing works 
 * Maybe spin up VMs and/or end hosts in that network 

 h2. Step 5: announce all networks to upstreams and peers 

 * final step for back in production 
 * at this point router2.place6 can be reinstalled/replaced 
 ** repeat all steps from here