From 01/02/2019 to 01/31/2019


04:24 PM Task #5810 (In Progress): Document our mailsetup
[[The ungleich mail infrastructure]] Dominique Roux
04:15 PM Task #5984 (In Progress): Document gitlab setup
[[The ungleich GitLab guide]] Dominique Roux
03:22 PM Task #6418 (Closed): Enable https support for distributing the trigger server ssh key
Major security issue.
Configure the webserver which provides the ssh public key of the trigger server with ssl and...
Dominique Roux
11:46 AM Task #6386 (In Progress): Add a 6to4 relay to our infrastructure
Collecting info and reading docs about. Yury Komarov


11:35 AM Task #6414 (Closed): Expose the console of the VM to the users (noVNC or spice)
* Requested by user: 2x
Version a) in Django:
* Either by indirection through opennebula
* Or using the tokens...
Nico Schottelius


12:53 PM Task #6406 (Rejected): Document our LDAP setup and make it publicly available
* LDAP branches
* LDAP setup
* Micro services interacting with LDAP servers
* How to authenticate against it in th...
Nico Schottelius


06:17 PM Task #6325 (Waiting): [user request] Support BGP for customers
Nico Schottelius
09:46 AM Task #6395 (Rejected): Add a FreeBSD NOINET image for
* Request from outside
To have the full no-ipv4 effect.
Marc, can you use the latest FreeBSD version and create...
Nico Schottelius


01:43 PM Task #6386 (Rejected): Add a 6to4 relay to our infrastructure
* Configure a test VM
* Add it into cdist
* Configure a production VM
Nico Schottelius


09:47 AM Task #5753: Create Linux beginners guide
- added wiki page
- added tutorials$
- added basic directories
Marc Auer


02:35 PM Task #5922 (Closed): [user request] Add sieve support to our mailserver
Nico Schottelius


03:50 PM Task #5922: [user request] Add sieve support to our mailserver
* merged. please apply when I am online Nico Schottelius


10:12 AM Task #5922 (Feedback): [user request] Add sieve support to our mailserver
Created MR:
Please make tests.
Yury Komarov

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