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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
6395 Task Rejected Normal Add a FreeBSD NOINET image for 01/02/2024 02:02 PM Actions
6900 Task Rejected Normal Allow creating an image from a file in ucloud-api and ucloud-cli 01/02/2024 02:14 PM Actions
6437 Task Rejected Normal build opennebula ARM64 Packages 01/02/2024 02:16 PM Actions
8202 Task Rejected Normal ceph upstream: ask for one more digit in ceph -s 01/02/2024 02:02 PM Actions
8716 Task Rejected Normal Checkout support for RNG pass through / help to VMs 01/02/2024 02:12 PM Actions
6720 Task Rejected Normal Create a proxy to reduce latency of package downloads 01/02/2024 02:05 PM Actions
7635 Task Closed Normal Create a simple page explaining DNS64/NAT64 for customers 02/11/2021 01:25 PM Actions
6727 Task Rejected Normal Create a terraform provider 01/02/2024 02:05 PM Actions
7403 Task Rejected Normal Create customer friendly guide for ucloud 01/02/2024 02:06 PM Actions
5753 Task Rejected Normal Create Linux beginners guide 01/02/2024 01:58 PM Actions
7503 Task Rejected Normal Create script to create new / updated OpenBSD image for OpenNebula 01/02/2024 02:06 PM Actions
6899 Task Rejected Normal Create ucloud-file-scan service 01/02/2024 02:14 PM Actions
6897 Task Rejected Normal Create ucloud-image service 01/02/2024 02:14 PM Actions
7401 Task Rejected Normal Create ucloud package for python/alpine 01/02/2024 02:06 PM Actions
6560 Task Rejected Normal Define the scope of the new Product 05/01/2019 03:37 PM Actions
7504 Task Rejected Low Document OpenNebula image creation 01/02/2024 01:48 PM Actions
7033 Task Rejected Normal [dynamicweb] Payment fails without a proper message 01/02/2024 02:05 PM Actions
7087 Task Rejected Normal [dynamicweb] Remove password in email and replace it with a link to set it via dashboard 01/02/2024 02:05 PM Actions
7937 Task Rejected Normal Estimate the effort to create matrix web client; create minimum sample 01/02/2024 01:56 PM Actions
7590 Task Rejected Normal Expect everything to fail (uncloud) 12/06/2021 11:54 PM Actions
7636 Task Closed Normal Find out current retention period for monitoring servers and ensure that data is kept for 5 years 02/11/2021 01:25 PM Actions
7010 Task Closed Normal Fix Alpine Linux installer to support serial && push it upstream 01/02/2024 02:00 PM Actions
7295 Task Rejected Normal Flow 10: as a sysadmin, I want to be able to see statistics 01/02/2024 12:28 PM Actions
7287 Task Rejected Normal Flow 2: As a user I want to order an IPv6 only VM (via cli) (existing OS) 01/02/2024 12:28 PM Actions
7288 Task Rejected Normal Flow 3: As a user I want to order a VM with my own OS (IPv6 only) 01/02/2024 12:28 PM Actions
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