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Timothée Floure, 03/10/2020 08:52 PM

Common operations on X-as-a-Service


Deploy new MaaS instance

TODO -> ask @Timothée Floure for now.

  • Allocate ONE VM.
  • Add HDD storage.
  • Add FSTAB entry for /var/ on HDD
  • mount data disk on /mnt
  • mv /var to /mnt
  • remove /var; mount -a to remount /var to on new disk
  • reboot to make sure everything's OK.
  • Upgrade VM: update/upgrade.
  • Add DNS entry in
  • Add server to matrix-as-a-service manifest, deploy
  • Have customer configure his domain.
  • Create initial admin use.

Upgrade a running MaaS instance

TODO -> ask @Timothée Floure for now.

Deploy Matterbridge application service

TODO -> ask @Timothée Floure for now.

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