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h1. Managed Customer (VM) backup Customer-backup 


 *%{color:green}This document concerns end-users/customers. See [[datacenterlight:Backup]] page for server-side documentation.%* 

 h2. Status 

 This document is *a DRAFT*. 

 h2. Overview 

 * Official product page: FIXME 
 * Related DatacenterLight FAQ entry: FIXME 

 We make use of the "ccollect": software, which runs every day at 3AM Europe/Zurich. The backup server and storage clusters are in a location (place5) physically separated from the customer VMs (place6). 

 h2. FAQ 

 h3. How to enable this service? 

 You will have to contact our support and give them the following details: 

 * Address of the VM to backup (IPv6 or domain with AAAA field). 
 * Directories to backup. Default is @/@ excluding @/sys@ and @/proc@. 

 "ccollect": makes use of @rsync@ to transfer data and needs to connect to your server over SSH (rsync itself is not encrypted!). You need to configure an user - root for a full system backup - with the following SSH key (to put in @~/.ssh/authorized_keys@: 

 ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQCwu+A7UgncIHI9YNbQDCWeJP8KjiGgZCi93s3xm0qWD5D1TvwNRz6boO9nVdXhzm1JIhZR7RG+JwCiPLpdzlsdRjGWkNx3EPA5Iorn1l7TUxGLxtkYrTKSOQvZV2FG5OQINSpmXwU2eZGTK2PxXQCLXER0E658ticb+Z8O6Q3x/cvkBJ6Yo4cM1hVRKhoY6p4gPBUSss3As+8LuXWx38AdrNU5Ci3/YirBR3XdY/lhEpremzh90EhwCugH0FFptMNSwHXx5c+LnvfLbu00Wd5PDw7F3jG/VwTzYpZovDO/V/x7McwYpweL9U6ISVg6JpTuNxEse49ZWqx5CtV1QsfJ loch 

 h3. What is the pricing model? 

 TODO ask @nico @sanghee 

 h3. What is the retention policy? 

 TODO ask @nico