How to configure servers with cdist


We are using cdist to manage our system configurations. This software has originally been developped by ungleich-folk, but now has a much broader community.

The ungleich cdist environment

Our environment is composed of 4 repositories:

Applying changes to servers

Initial setup:

  • Clone ungleich-intern/cdist-workdir
  • Install myrepos and - within cdist-workdir - run mr update.
  • Set your CDIST_PATH, using - for example - the cdist.cfg file in cdist-workdir.

Day-to-day workflow, within cdist-workdir:

  • Make sure you have the latest configuration/types with mr update.
  • Configure the target host with cdist config -vv <hostname>.

Using the control node

You can use the control node to run cdist when you're using an unreliable connection (in a train, far away in Korea, etc.). Note that you will have to forward your SSH agent with the -A ssh flag.

# Login to configuration server
ssh -A

# Ensure cdist configuration is up-to-date
cd cdist-workdir
mr update

# Configure
cdist config -vv <hostname>

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