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Nico Schottelius, 11/20/2019 10:57 PM

How to use the IPv4-to-IPv6-Proxy


This document is IN PRODUCTION.


To enable IPv6 only VMs to be accessible from the IPv4 Internet, we have an IPv4-to-IPv6 proxy.

How to use it (as a customer)

  • Configure / setup your website to be reachable by IPv6
  • Ensure that your domain name has an AAAA entry pointing to your website
  • Inform the ungleich team via support at about your domain
  • Our team will setup the proxy to whitelist your domain
  • Setup an A entry for your domain(s) pointing to

Technical details / how to maintain it

  • It's configured by cdist, type __ungleich_haproxy
  • To add a domain, edit manifest/ungleich
    • Find
    • Verify that the domain has an AAAA entry
    • Add the domain using the "--v4proxy DOMAIN" parameter
    • Commit in git, push
  • Run cdist: cdist config


If the customer domain does not exist (anymore), haproxy will refuse to reload. In this case the customer domain has to be removed and the customer to be notified.

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