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Dominique Roux, 02/26/2020 02:29 PM

The ungleich nextcloud guide


This document is IN PROGRESS. is in production


See [[datacenterlight:Glarnercloud]] for specific information for the Glarnercloud setup.
See __ungleich_nextcloud for specific parameters etc.
See Nextcloud Admin Manual for the nextcloud documentation


The installation is done with cdist. To be more specific, with the __ungleich_nextcloud cdist type.
The cdist type takes care of the following things:

  1. Installation of the necessary packages
  2. Configure php-fpm
  3. Setting up letsencrypt certificates
  4. Setting up nginx
  5. Setting up PostgreSQL
  6. Installation of nextcloud in /var/www/nextcloud

The manifest for takes also care of:

  1. Deploying staff and backup ssh-keys
  2. Firewall setup



  1. Go to settings page (webbrowser) to see if all the checks are passed.
  2. SSH into the machine and go to /var/www/nextcloud/updater
  3. Run the following command:
    sudo -u www-data php updater.phar

Known Issues

No auto updating

The updating procedure is manual done as instructed in The ungleich Nextcloud guide

Cdist type

The cdist type has several issues:

  • The --domain parameter should not have a default value. On the other hand, the manifest should then use the $__target_host approach for this parameter
  • The letsecnrypt configuration should probably be outsourced to the letsencrypt type (e.g. the nextcloud type should only setup the nextcloud instance on port 80, rest should be done in the main manifest. This would make the type more generic)

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