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h1. The ungleich mail infrastructure

h2. Status

This document is *IN PROGRESS*.

h2. Mail overview

* "Webmail":

h2. The primary mx configuration

* Is found in the cdist type __ungleich_mx_primary

h2. How to add a new user

* Have the user run doveadm to create a hash
* Have the user submit the hash to an admin
* Modify type/__ungleich_mx_primary/files/dovecot/vpasswd to include the mail account
** Username should be for staff
** Commit & push
* Run cdist config

h2. How to add a new mail alias

* Edit type/__ungleich_mx_primary/files/postfix/valiases
* Commit & push
* Run cdist config

h2. Sieve filters.

Can be configured via:
* "Webmail": or
* Thunderbird "sieve plugin":

h2. The backup mx configuration

<to be filled in by Jin-Guk>