The ungleich support and ticketing infrastructure


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In the ungleich infrastructure we use

Handling customer requests

  • All customer requests are routed into RT
  • First person seeing it picks it for answering
    • Do not forget to assign (i.e. take) the ticket to yourself. Do not steal someone's else ticket!
  • If the request only needs an answer, answer it directly.
  • If the request requires trivial work (e.g. reboot a VM), do it yourself/ask on the internal #ungleich-support chat channel.
  • If the request requires non-trivial work, create a redmine issue.
    • TODO: how to determine the correct redmine project?
    • The assignee of the support request does not have to be the same as in redmine.

Handling redmine issues

How to handle internal tickets is defined in Ticket Handling

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