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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
8690 Task Closed Normal Hack4Glarus presentation / closing notes Nico Schottelius 12/06/2020 03:51 PM Actions
8688 Task Closed Normal Enabling fancy LED lighting for Christmas messages in the Hacking Villa Nico Schottelius 12/06/2020 03:51 PM Actions
8678 Task Closed Normal Turning everything into an IPv6 server Moritz Buhl 12/06/2020 03:51 PM Actions
8677 Task Closed Normal IPv6 only hackathon radio Guifi Pedro 12/06/2020 03:50 PM Actions
8673 Task Closed Normal The IPv6 ULA registry project Ahmed Bilal 12/06/2020 03:50 PM Actions
8672 Task Closed Normal The Django hacking project: cats on IPv6 Ahmed Bilal 12/06/2020 03:50 PM Actions
8686 Task Rejected Normal Create a simple web interface to trigger cdist 12/06/2020 03:50 PM Actions
8681 Task Rejected Normal Test ceph *on* k8s 12/06/2020 03:50 PM Actions
8680 Task Rejected Normal Build a kubernetes cluster that uses ceph as a storage backend 12/06/2020 03:50 PM Actions
8679 Task Rejected Normal Build an IPv6 only kubernetes cluster 12/06/2020 03:50 PM Actions
8674 Task Rejected Normal The Jitsi video conf with video recording project 12/04/2020 01:17 PM Actions

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