From 07/02/2021 to 07/31/2021


08:15 PM Task #8670 (New): Turn "temper" into an openwrt upstream package
Still relevant. Nico Schottelius
06:09 PM Task #8670 (Waiting): Turn "temper" into an openwrt upstream package
Is this still relevant? Timothée Floure
06:08 PM Task #7545 (Closed): Switch production LDAPs to cdist-managed alpine
This is rotten - we will move the LDAP nodes to k8s. See #9473. Timothée Floure
06:00 PM Task #8091 (Closed): Alpine-based Opennebula workers
This timed out and probably is irrelevant to us now that we're moving to rook. Timothée Floure


01:16 PM Task #9565 (Closed): Select a CI/CD for deploying helm charts/docker containers etc.
* Basically: git push && pipeline that does the rest
* Input from your experiences is appreciated
h2. Choices
Nico Schottelius


07:43 PM Task #9516 (New): Add proxy protocol support for IPv4<->IPv6 proxies to enable client IP information pass through
* Based on
* Needs support in the backend
* Need to check whet...
Nico Schottelius


11:14 PM Task #9487 (Rejected): Migrate our ceph clusters into rook
h2. Situation
* At ungleich we are running multiple ceph cluster, usually one or more per location. Cu...
Nico Schottelius

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