From 12/05/2021 to 01/03/2022


09:13 PM Task #10091 (In Progress): SBC router / board evaluation 2022
h2. Objective
* Finding low power routing/control plane boards
h2. Requirements
* Minimum 8 GB RAM
* Likely...
Nico Schottelius


09:11 PM Task #9619 (Closed): Create (public) ungleich container registry
Done: Nico Schottelius
09:10 PM Task #9565 (Closed): Select a CI/CD for deploying helm charts/docker containers etc.
We use argocd + argo workflow. Nico Schottelius


11:35 PM Task #9619 (In Progress): Create (public) ungleich container registry
Nico Schottelius
01:18 AM Task #7027 (Rejected): Add new command to cdist / extend cdist to easily generate preos with ssh pubkey
Nico Schottelius
12:56 AM Task #3656 (Rejected): [dcl]Improve stripe error messages according to error type
Nico Schottelius
12:52 AM Task #7625 (Rejected): Manually fix consul+node_exporter on new router1.place6
Nico Schottelius
12:48 AM Task #8689 (New): Test q-in-q multiple vlans with mikrotik <-> Linux
Nico Schottelius
12:07 AM Task #6386 (Rejected): Add a 6to4 relay to our infrastructure
Nico Schottelius


11:55 PM Task #6681 (Rejected): Create a distributed firewall PoC based on uncloud/nft
Nico Schottelius
11:55 PM Task #7565 (Rejected): uncloud run 2020-01-05
Nico Schottelius
11:54 PM Task #7583 (Rejected): Handle etcd leader change or temporary unavailability gracefully in uncloud
Nico Schottelius
11:54 PM Task #7590 (Rejected): Expect everything to fail (uncloud)
Nico Schottelius
11:54 PM Task #7602 (Rejected): Align dynamicweb / opennebula with uncloud
Nico Schottelius
11:54 PM Task #7591 (Rejected): uncloud production checklist 2020-01
Nico Schottelius

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