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Timothée Floure, 02/23/2020 08:01 AM
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Datacenterlight (and IPv6OnlyHosting) beginner's guide


This document is a DRAFT, there's a lot of WORK IN PROGRESS.


This page is intended for users that are not familiar with system administration and hope to give them a good stepping stone into this unfamiliar world.

What am I here for?

  • what do we offer? +links

What is a Virtual Machine (VM)?

Networking: IPv4, IPv6?

Choosing an Operating System (OS)

Getting started

Logging in into my VM

What can I do, now?

(Optional) graphical management helpers/tools

Good practives

Understanding, and wisely using permissions

(Automatically) applying security updates

Firewalling your system

Versioning configuration

Monitoring & backups

Advanced topics, further references, common use cases (web, mail, letsencrypt)

Yet to be populated.

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