Datacenterlight (and IPv6OnlyHosting) beginner's guide


This document is a DRAFT, there's a lot of WORK IN PROGRESS.


This page is intended for users that are not familiar with system administration and hope to give them a good stepping stone into this unfamiliar world. There might be some 'simplifications' in order to ease understanding of newly onboarded users: please do not get offusced. Do not hesited to join our chat and ask questions!

What am I here for?

Ungleich offers various hosted services, from servers to manage yourself to managed services. You can find an exhaustive list on our product page but if you're here you likely are interested into our Virtual Machines either at datacenterlight or ipv6onlyhosting.

What is a Virtual Machine (VM)?

A Virtual Machine (VM), often mentionned as Virtual Private Server (VPS), is a fully-fledged server. The interesting part is the 'virtual': multiple VMs share a single physical machine, instead of every VM being a physical machine on a shelve. You can have dozens, or even hundreds of VMs on a big physical server: it is often more 'efficient' than having a lot of small physical servers (imagine hundreds of Raspberry Pi).

One potential trade-off is that if one virtual machine might exhaust the resources of its neighbours by using, for example, a lot of disk IO (input/output: read,write) or CPU (processor). This, however, should not be happening if the service operator is careful and prevent/stop abuses.

  • HDD?
  • CPU?
  • RAM?

Networking: IPv4, IPv6?

Choosing an Operating System (OS)

Getting started

Logging in into my VM

What can I do, now?

(Optional) graphical management helpers/tools

Good practives

Understanding, and wisely using permissions

(Automatically) applying security updates

Firewalling your system

Versioning configuration

Monitoring & backups

Advanced topics, further references, common use cases (web, mail, letsencrypt)

Yet to be populated.

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