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Timothée Floure, 02/22/2020 11:09 AM

How to use the IPv4-to-IPv6-Proxy

This document contains user documentation. See Common operations on IPv4-to-IPv6-Proxy for staff operations.


This document is IN PRODUCTION.


To enable IPv6 only VMs to be accessible from the IPv4 Internet, we have an IPv4-to-IPv6 proxy.

HTTP proxying

  • Configure / setup your website to be reachable by IPv6
  • Ensure that your domain name has an AAAA entry pointing to your website
  • Inform the ungleich team via support at about your domain
  • Our team will setup the proxy to whitelist your domain
  • Setup an A entry for your domain(s) pointing to

SMTP proxying (experimental)

This service allows you to receive emails from the IPv4-world on an IPv6-only node.

  • Configure / setup your mail server to be reachable by IPv6, with a proper MX record.
  • Inform the ungleich team via support at about your domain.
  • Our team configure the proxy for your domain and come back to you.
  • Add a second MX DNS record pointing to, with lower priority (= higher priority number) than the original one (e.g. domain.tld IN MX 20

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