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Ungleich Matrix-as-a-Service (MaaS)

This document concerns end-users/customers. See The ungleich Matrix infrastructure page for server-side documentation.


This document is A DRAFT. The MaaS offer has not been released yet.


TODO: explain what MaaS,riot is. Riot overview:
TODO: screenshots of riot


Q: How does pricing work?


Q: How many users can I have? What are the resources allocated to my matrix server?


Q: What server name will I get?

You can either use your own domain name (see below) or ask us for $ANYTHING.???.??.

Q: Can I use a custom domain name?

Yes! You will have to give us two domain names:

  • (A) The base server name, used in the MXIDs (e.g.
    - You will have to serve a file containing {"m.server": "address_of_B:443"} on .well-known/matrix/server. Example:
    $ curl
    {"m.server": ""}
  • (B) An address for the Matrix server and client (e.g.
    - You will have to add a DNS A record poiting to
    - You will have to add a DNS AAAA record pointing to an IPv6 address dedicated to your deployment.

Q: What server implementation and version do you use?

We use the synapse reference homeserver package provided by the buster-backports repository.

Q: What client can I use? Do you recommend one?

We recommend and provide you a web version of the Riot client (desktop and mobile) but you can use any matrix client.

Q: Can I set option X in synapse/riot?

Yes! Contact the ungleich support with the requested changes, which we will apply to the deployment configuration of your instance.

Q: Do you provide a TURN server for VoIP?

Not yet, but it is planned.

Q: What are application services, can I use them?

Matrix support a variety of external services (bridges to IRC, Telegram, Mattermost, ...) integrated via the Application Service API. ungleich do not provide official support for them but you can contact us for a personalized deployment.

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