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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
7543 Task Closed Normal Write image definition script for ubuntu 19.10 Timothée Floure 01/19/2020 02:48 PM Actions
7514 Task Closed Low Investigate slow sshd start on Fedora/CentOS8 images Timothée Floure 02/10/2021 09:09 AM Actions
7502 Task Closed Normal Create script to create new / updated FreeBSD image for OpenNebula Timothée Floure 07/25/2020 09:35 AM Actions
7496 Task Closed High Create 2 new IPv6 only unbound based resolving DNS servers providing DNS64 Timothée Floure 01/20/2020 12:05 PM Actions
7483 Task Closed Normal Update the __consul cdist type for alpine Timothée Floure 02/24/2020 11:25 AM Actions
7482 Task Closed Normal On Alpine Linux the monit job for node-exporter uses the wrong path Timothée Floure 02/24/2020 11:24 AM Actions
7478 Task Closed Urgent Create script to create centos8 image suitable for opennebula Timothée Floure 12/19/2019 05:14 PM Actions
7472 Task Closed Normal Fix the fedora image for resize Timothée Floure 12/17/2019 05:41 PM Actions
7345 Task Closed Low Cleanup & upstream matrix-related types Timothée Floure 11/11/2021 09:32 PM Actions
7162 Task Closed Normal Submit a patch for the alpine bird2 package to run as user bird Timothée Floure 02/10/2021 08:50 AM Actions
6694 Task Closed High Setup matrix server and bridge matermost into it Timothée Floure 01/20/2020 12:06 PM Actions
6671 Task Closed Normal Setup mastodon/pleroma for ungleich Timothée Floure 06/15/2020 09:55 AM Actions
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