From 01/17/2021 to 02/15/2021


06:58 PM Task #7345: Cleanup & upstream matrix-related types
I did the heavy work for both __matrix_synapse and __ungleich_matrix but there's still documentation update, some tes... Timothée Floure


03:50 PM Task #8888 (Closed): Meta-Issue for Matrix late-winter 2021 cleanup
Hello there,
We have some performance issues and infrastructure rot on our matrix deployments: I'll work on it her...
Timothée Floure
03:14 PM Task #8887 (Closed): Update synapse-admin
The synapse-admin instance running at is outdated - we need to updated it. Timothée Floure
03:05 PM Task #8886 (Closed): Drop and rebuild with cdist
I quickly deployed by hand back in Spring - we now have jitsi support in cdist-contrib: we should dr... Timothée Floure
01:25 PM Task #7635 (Closed): Create a simple page explaining DNS64/NAT64 for customers writes:
Nico Schottelius
01:25 PM Task #7636 (Closed): Find out current retention period for monitoring servers and ensure that data is kept for 5 years writes:
Nico Schottelius
01:25 PM Task #7653 (Closed): Move VMs with routed /64 into their own /64 [was: Instructions for adding /64 to VM] writes:
Nico Schottelius


09:29 AM Task #8315 (Closed): Add LDAP support to sourcehut
Been added and dropped to due licensing issues, all of this unrelated to Timothée Floure
09:26 AM Task #7930 (Waiting): Monitoring LAN in place6
This thing is nice in theory but painful in practice: they are too many moving parts. I'm pretty sure we can design s... Timothée Floure
09:24 AM Task #8017 (Closed): Clean up and upstream nextcloud cdist type
There's a nextcloud MR open against cdist-contrib. Closing this. Timothée Floure
09:21 AM Task #8048 (Closed): Unable to log in to matrix/riot
Closing due to inactivity. Timothée Floure
09:09 AM Task #7514 (Closed): Investigate slow sshd start on Fedora/CentOS8 images
havegd has been added to the image ages ago. Timothée Floure
09:06 AM Task #7545 (Waiting): Switch production LDAPs to cdist-managed alpine
Small update: this has still to be processed. Timothée Floure
09:02 AM Task #7641 (Closed): create images for uncloud
This issue is fairly outdated by now - things have moved and I don't now what's happening with uncloud right now - le... Timothée Floure
08:53 AM Task #7768 (Closed): Add monitoring to Matrix-as-a-Service
Timothée Floure
08:53 AM Task #7768: Add monitoring to Matrix-as-a-Service
There's some broken-ish monitoring at the moment, but fixing it is taken care of in other issues. Timothée Floure
08:50 AM Task #7162 (Closed): Submit a patch for the alpine bird2 package to run as user bird
Merged 6 months ago: Timothée Floure
08:38 AM Task #8877 (Rejected): Checkout matrix instance on server1.place4
> we used to have an external/smaller/simpler matrix server.
> I have asked Timothee to have a look at this to reviv...
Timothée Floure


02:37 PM Task #8852: Investigate slowness
+ write/deploy and run some DB cleanup tools, since it's growing exponentially... Timothée Floure
02:35 PM Task #8852: Investigate slowness
Note: I commented out the cdist config for our matrix HS, since the changes I applied this morning were all done by h... Timothée Floure
02:35 PM Task #8852: Investigate slowness
I spend most of my morning playing around with this synapse issues. I moved some processing out of the main process a... Timothée Floure
08:32 AM Task #8852 (In Progress): Investigate slowness
Timothée Floure
08:32 AM Task #8852 (Closed): Investigate slowness is so slow it becomes unusable, I'm currently investigating and:
* Disabling Presence
* Increa...
Timothée Floure


04:01 PM Task #8670: Turn "temper" into an openwrt upstream package
Nico Schottelius wrote:
> Feel free to checkout viirb1, reachable at root@2a0a:e5c1:301::42 - it
> has a temper sen...
Timothée Floure
09:07 AM Task #8670 (In Progress): Turn "temper" into an openwrt upstream package
Timothée Floure


07:45 AM Task #8670 (Waiting): Turn "temper" into an openwrt upstream package
Sorry for the latency here - many things happening on my side (I still have to figure where to live in 10 days!) so I... Timothée Floure

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