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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
7147 Task Closed Normal Add explanatory text to indicate "puffy" username on OpenBSD 6.5 VMs Mondi Ravi 09/23/2019 05:09 PM Actions
6724 Task Closed Normal Add FreeBSD 12 image to Mondi Ravi 06/17/2019 05:45 PM Actions
7602 Task Rejected Normal Align dynamicweb / opennebula with uncloud Mondi Ravi 12/06/2021 11:54 PM Actions
6780 Task Rejected Normal Create an RFC for ungleich-otp Mondi Ravi 01/02/2024 02:05 PM Actions
3656 Task Rejected Normal [dcl]Improve stripe error messages according to error type Mondi Ravi 12/07/2021 12:56 AM Actions
7764 Task Closed Normal Dirty LDAP entries Mondi Ravi 02/26/2020 01:46 PM Actions
7088 Task Closed Normal [dynamicweb] Dashboard does not include a link to reset the password Mondi Ravi 08/26/2019 02:28 PM Actions
7032 Task Closed Immediate [dynamicweb] If a user inputs an existing key in the VM buy flow, he/she is alerted that the key exists and the user can't proceed Mondi Ravi 08/28/2019 07:16 PM Actions
7089 Task Rejected Normal [dynamicweb] Implement 2FA in dynamicweb with ungleich-otp Mondi Ravi 01/02/2024 02:05 PM Actions
6465 Task Rejected High Expire the password reset link [datacenterlight, dynamicweb] Mondi Ravi 01/02/2024 02:19 PM Actions
6414 Task Closed Normal Expose the console of the VM to the users (noVNC or spice) Mondi Ravi 01/02/2024 02:17 PM Actions
7294 Task Rejected Normal Flow 9: as a user I want to have an overview of my spendings and bills Mondi Ravi 01/02/2024 12:28 PM Actions
6279 Task Rejected High Implement different payment cycles for VMs Mondi Ravi 01/02/2024 02:02 PM Actions
6469 Task Rejected Normal Implement VM reset Mondi Ravi 02/15/2019 03:57 PM Actions
7174 Task Rejected Normal Port the current blog's design to lektor (staticcms) Mondi Ravi 01/03/2024 08:51 AM Actions
7402 Task Closed Normal Reproduce issues in ucloud-pay Mondi Ravi 12/09/2022 04:46 PM Actions
5945 Task Rejected Normal [user request] Support more content in the RSS feed of our blog Mondi Ravi 06/03/2022 03:58 PM Actions
6262 Task Rejected Normal [user request] Warn users what happens on VM delete / make it more clear to users Mondi Ravi 01/02/2024 02:02 PM Actions
5679 Task Rejected Normal [user request] [web] Implement VM reset Mondi Ravi 08/09/2021 03:20 PM Actions
7546 Task Rejected Normal VM Security based on LDAP accounts Mondi Ravi 01/02/2024 02:06 PM Actions

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